Revisiting 100 Days with Only A Few Days to Go

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Earlier in 2016, months before the election, I was buying typewriters. Lots of typewriters. I had an idea, only partially formed, of using typewriters in a project and estimated then that I needed five or six different models to make the idea work. This estimate morphed and changed as the idea morphed and changed and my workshop was filled with typewriters in the end. I had a chocolate brown Olympia SM3, a red IBM Selectric II, a pale blue Olivetti 32, a shiny black Royal, a brilliant yellow Adler. I purchased thirty-six typewriters, clustering them all around my workshop and I borrowed six more, these built in the 1800s. At…

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New Work: Fools

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I've undertaken a series of projects in the last four years centered on the Trump presidency, starting with the early debates in 2016 (or was it 2015?). Nothing is especially photoshopped here--the weird spiraling colors are from interference patterns, layers of them, caused by the digital nature of the camera when it is photographing a screen made of pixels. Sometimes all those rows of pixels line up and weird things happen. These twelve images are samples from one of those projects. I made the source images in late 2019, part of them made during an artist-in-residence at the Mojave National Preserve. I was living in a dorm with park service…

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The Trump Shop Bus

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He was all but done for the day when we pulled into the gas station just outside of Spearfish, South Dakota, his "Trump Shop" bus all closed up for the night. Written on the bus were the words "not affiliated with the campaign." Some sort of backdoor PAC-based way to fund Trump's re-election? I couldn't figure it out until I googled it later on. There are a number of buses similar to this all over the United States. The buses have all been wrapped in Trump graphics, all selling MAGA hats, Trump shirts, flags, and all the rest. The Trump campaign has been sending cease and desist letters to some…

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