A New Book of My Old Essays

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When the first copies of my photobook, Computational Photography, arrived in January of 2020 I was so utterly pleased with it. I had worked on it with designer Bob Aufuldish for over a year and instead of being what I would have guessed a normal book deign and production process (this was my first book) the project had turned into something more like an art project in and of itself. It was an extraordinary experience and an extraordinary result. Looking at it again today I wouldn’t change the slightest thing.

However, some people—ok, many people!—have commented on the small font size of the essays (which is indeed quite small) and expressed to me the idea that the texts are difficult to read.

So I made a new book with just the essays. It’s called The Matter of My Images. It’s on Kindle for $5 or if you have Kindle Unlimited it is free. You can also order a paperback version for $16.95—it is print-to-order but the quality is shockingly good.

You can think of The Matter of My Images as a companion piece to augment Computational Photography or look at it as a stand-alone book.

There’s a “Look Inside” preview at Amazon which will give you a better sense of its contents. Check it out. If you don’t have Computational Photography you can check that out, too–here’s a page-by-page high-resolution video walkthrough.

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