New Work: Trump Faces (Adoration of the MAGA?)

“Trump Faces” isn’t a proper name for the project. I originally called this one “Faces,” but only as a working title—you can’t have a dozen projects titled “untitled” if you want to stay sane.

So “Trump Faces” it is, while I try to think of something better.

The images are portraits of people at Trump rallies, taken from news photographs and videos of those rallies. All those little faces in the background? The mysteries of machine learning allowed me to take those tiny faces and enlarge them, and they still looked good. It also allowed me to enlarge them even more to give some of the faces an off, plastic look, like slightly melted mannequins.

The faces convey something far more than political belief, edging instead into some kind of rapture. Maybe I’ll put all ambiguity aside and call it Adoration of the MAGA?

It’s Election Day, after all. Anything can happen.

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