Faithful and Confused

At two in the morning, California time, the number next to Georgia went from red to blue. Like some physics-class demonstration, the addition of mostly blue votes to the pool is changing the color of the pool, now more blue than red and getting bluer.

But there is such confusion. People are wondering why the vote count is taking so long, COVID seemingly forgotten and out of the headlines despite record cases, over one hundred thousand today. Trump is telling them that all these extra votes being found are illegal, that votes shouldn’t be counted after Election Day except, apparently, in states where he is behind. Fox News still isn’t following the President’s lead, Twitter is placing a warning label on most of Trump’s tweets, and even Rick Santorum, now a talking head over at CNN, is disavowing Trump’s efforts to stop the counting and his accusations of fraud and stolen elections, calling Trump’s words baseless and shocking.

Is this how it ends, a ranting President, abandoned by his allies, pathetically sending out Sharpie-written statements from the White House?

These images were made for an Instagram project over the summer of 2017. The title of the project—The Faithful—is an inside joke referring to the dog-like loyalty of Trump voters and to the fact that the images of people sitting dejected and bewildered-looking (or maybe just waiting) in front of Breitbart News headlines were made at Old Faithful, in Yellowstone National Park. That they really are largely made up of Trump supporters just adds more flavor to the joke.

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