Back to the Mojave, Day One

Right now I’m in Baker, California, a feed and fuel stop for the Vegas-bound, right at the edge of the Mojave National Preserve. I’ve been making images with the iPhone 12 Max Max and I’m putting together a nice review—only that takes time and I wanted to share some of the images now, the raw footage, so to speak.

Last year I was the artist-in-residence at the Preserve, living inside the with the NPS employees (there are no other lodgings here) for a total of four weeks. I made many good images then, which I will share in the near future, but I felt I needed to go back down and see what the forest fire had done to the Joshua trees.

More to say about all of this, and more about the iPhone 12 Pro Max Max which I used as my only camera, in time.

Until then, here are a dozen images from my first day back in the Mojave.

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