Televised Anger-Lullibies

Every night when we got to the hotel the outrage-of-the-day was waiting for us. Sometimes it was one of the up-and-comers, maybe Jesse Watters, his goofy frat-boy smirk his natural facial expression at rest.

Watters came to national attention on Fox by going to college campuses—a stand-in for liberal hot-spots—and making short videos where he asked passing students basic questions of US history. Those that answered correctly ended up on his laptop’s editing room floor, those that were clueless about the Civil War, the name of the president during World War II, or the difference between the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence made the grade.

Usually it was Hannity, the boyish charm smoothing over his lie-litanies, sputtered out so quickly, one to the next, that it all just blurs in the mind, an anger-lullaby.

Hannity is the big-time, up there with Tucker Carlson. On his radio show just before his TV show things are more relaxed. He jokes with his staff between harragues. An hour later on TV he doesn’t smile, the vile and endlessly devious Democrats are vying to overthrow America.

You can start in the morning with Rush Limbaugh and go until bedtime listening to and watching these people. They are Great Americans, in their linguistic shorthand.

Every night when we got to the hotel, as we drove from California to Ohio and back during my Trump Country project, I turned on the hotel television, most of time already tuned to Fox News.

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