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My book, Computational Photography, is now on sale for $49.95—normally $75.95—including Media Mail shipping! If you prefer you can download the high-resolution PDF for six dollars off, only $8.95! I have a book and it's Black Friday. It took me until yesterday for it to occur to me that maybe I should mention my book on Black Friday, indeed, mention it at all on this blog. You see, I have a gift for marketing. Here's another example of my extraordinary marketing prowess.  When we were late in the design stage of the book, after months of work, just a few days from sending it to the printer, at the point…

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Fake Fake News

I messed up with yesterday's post. Yesterday I talked about Sidney Powell, the lawyer for the Trump Campaign who went too far with her craziness, revealing that it was indeed possible to go too far in the Trump Campaign organization. I talked about Rush Limbaugh and the strategic Tucker Carlson, who once again proved that he didn't survive being called a dick by Jon Stewart on live TV by mere luck. I talked about Rudolph Giuliani who might as well at this point wipe off the beige makeup and reveal the bright clown colors of his true skin. I talked about a lot of things but I only but mentioned…

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Back to the Mojave, Day Two

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I don't normally publish on a Saturday but I missed a day this week and I wanted to share a few images from day two of my trip back to the Mojave National Preserve. For four weeks last year I lived inside the park in housing provided by the National Park Service working with the park's artist-in-residence program. After the forest fires and the images I saw in the media of the Joshua trees burning I wanted to go back and see for myself. Here are a dozen images from day two of any trip, all made with an iPhone 12 Pro Max Max (or maybe an iPhone 11 Pro…

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Back to the Mojave, Day One

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Right now I'm in Baker, California, a feed and fuel stop for the Vegas-bound, right at the edge of the Mojave National Preserve. I've been making images with the iPhone 12 Max Max and I'm putting together a nice review—only that takes time and I wanted to share some of the images now, the raw footage, so to speak. Last year I was the artist-in-residence at the Preserve, living inside the with the NPS employees (there are no other lodgings here) for a total of four weeks. I made many good images then, which I will share in the near future, but I felt I needed to go back down…

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The Man In the Mulch

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Writing this blog has proven so far to be rewarding in many ways but sometimes it can become a bit of a rabbit hole. This post, for example, was initially going to be a short post, sharing an odd public sculpture that we came across in Missouri. We were on the way back to California from Ohio and were somewhat desperately looking for things to do. Our thinking was that since we were traveling during the pandemic we would limit ourselves to outside activities, national parks and the like. The problem was that since we live in California and had traveled throughout the West, what Missouri had to offer—and what…

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Books on My Desk: Studying “Ballet,” Ice, and the First Road Trip Photographer

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On the Amazon-owned DPReview, probably the most popular photography site in the world, the forum area has over forty-five million posts spread over four million threads. Only eight of those threads mention (and only just mention) Alexy Brodovitch and only two of these mentions (and only just mentions) his book Ballet. In the graphic design world both Brodovitch and Ballet are legendary, the former being the art director at Harpers Bazaar during the late thirties through the nineteen fifties and the later a book of photographs by Brodovitch, which he also designed. Ballet can be purchased on the used market if you have three thousand dollars in your book budget,…

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Spring Is Coming

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I went down to my workshop in Half Moon Bay—I essentially abandoned it in March—to clean up, organize, and prepare it for new work. When I had left the space I had just finished shooting the images for my project The Trial for which I had purchased three or four newspapers each day of the impeachment trial. No one really cared much for Trial TV or Twitter Trial. It was boring and the conclusion was foregone not just at the beginning of the trial but way back on September 24th when Nancy Pelosi at last announced that the House would begin proceedings. There was no chance of getting a conviction…

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Faithful and Confused

At two in the morning, California time, the number next to Georgia went from red to blue. Like some physics-class demonstration, the addition of mostly blue votes to the pool is changing the color of the pool, now more blue than red and getting bluer. But there is such confusion. People are wondering why the vote count is taking so long, COVID seemingly forgotten and out of the headlines despite record cases, over one hundred thousand today. Trump is telling them that all these extra votes being found are illegal, that votes shouldn't be counted after Election Day except, apparently, in states where he is behind. Fox News still isn't…

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Waiting for Trump

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What is being shown here is a series of random characters. They appear on-screen fifteen times a second and each one is checked to see, wholly by chance, if it is the magic word. What's the magic word? I made several variations and the magic words were words like "Impeachment," "High Crimes," "Bribery," and "MAGA." If one of those Trump words was hit upon then the program would pause for one week. When I initially created the computer program in the fall of 2017 the average time it would need to run before it paused was about equal to the remainder of Trump's first term. I thought that was funny.…

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His Will Be Done

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These photographs are from a slightly larger set of images I made over the summer. The portraits are of the key supporters of Trump—those who amplify (and in some cases, shape) His views either in the media or with behind the scenes financing of sympathetic media, or by implementing His will. This is the President and His real advisors, the King and his court. The images aren't photoshopped in the normal sense of the word. Yes, they are made up of three images layered atop one another but otherwise these are "straight" images. The newspapers are from the days of the impeachment trial, already forgotten by Trump and His opponents…

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