It’s October, Again. Yeehaw!

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It's Halloween month and who can resist a couple of animated, Chinese-made, plastic skeleton hillbillies dueling away on their banjos as is their wont?

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New Work: The Geyser

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Not only will I write about travel and photography on these pages but from from time to time I'll share my own work. This is The Geyser, from earlier this year. It is a ten minute video of the Old Faithful geyser at Yellowstone National Park, shot in 4k on a tripod-mounted iPhone 11 Pro Max. I made an earlier version of this video a day or two earlier but it was handheld--the idea had come to me and the tripod was in the care, far away. But that footage was unusable--the framing shifted and moved, changing the entire aesthetic sense of the work. I planned to come back later…

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Books On My Desk: Renaissance Etching, Soth, and Wolfe

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Ah, books. Such an old technology yet photography books--art photography books--are in something of a golden age. There is a flood of them, too many to even know all of the titles. I buy my share, although they seem far easier to buy than to actually find the mental space to open them and go through them. I like to set aside a block of time, not just a quick look. A block of time is necessary. A few miles from my home is a colony of elephant seals. They come every winter to breed, to try and avoid the great white sharks just offshore, the males fight each other…

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Books On My Desk: Klett, Parks, and Aufuldish

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It's possible to have too many books, especially art books. I've got shelves full of them, piles on the floor crowding the furniture. Every so often I swear I'm going to stop buying art books then I do and then I don't. I do--I'll go a month or two without buying. But then I don't--they start sneaking in the house, a few laying on my living room table, a few in the family room, a few in my office, dispersed throughout the house to disguise their number. It's not a collection. My books, aside from being largely books on photography, do not cluster around any certain subject or period. It…

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