His Will Be Done

These photographs are from a slightly larger set of images I made over the summer. The portraits are of the key supporters of Trump—those who amplify (and in some cases, shape) His views either in the media or with behind the scenes financing of sympathetic media, or by implementing His will. This is the President and His real advisors, the King and his court.

The images aren’t photoshopped in the normal sense of the word. Yes, they are made up of three images layered atop one another but otherwise these are “straight” images.

The newspapers are from the days of the impeachment trial, already forgotten by Trump and His opponents alike, though it was such an exciting show last fall and over Christmas and into the new year. So very exciting.

Now Trump has declared that He has won His second term and He begins the necessary duty of combating those who would steal the election. He will preserve our democracy in that face of those who wish to destroy it, etc. etc. etc.

Ben Shapiro, an editor at the online rag Brietbart News, tries for a little bit of respect and tweets outs mere seconds after Trump’s dismissal of democracy, “No, Trump has not already won the election, and it is deeply irresponsible for him to say he has.” But he didn’t vote for Trump in 2016 so he’s not in the club.

Chris Wallace, the Fox News show pony, proving every day he is on the air that Fox News is not some Pravda-ish band of sycophants, reminds viewers that vote-counting after Election Day is entirely normal and the President is wrong to suggest otherwise.

But they matter not, they sway no opinions, they shape no futures. Our masters, licking the shoes of the Master, are the ones that matter, the ones with TV and radio shows with tens of millions of viewers, the ones paying the bills, and the ones with no conscience and no shame.

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