Landing On Mars

(This is part of series looking back at posts I wrote a decade ago.)  Originally published on November 26, 2011 as "What Audacity Looks Like." Sometimes I get a little jealous of other fields, outside of art, outside of photography. I look at what science and technology have achieved--and continue…


Art, The Endless Frontier

(This is part of series looking back at posts I wrote a decade ago.) Originally published on November 2, 2011 as Chuck Close eyes the money, Steve Jobs envisions art’s importance Chuck Close wants his money. At least from works sold in California. In 1977 California passed the first and…


Fake Fake News

I messed up with yesterday's post. Yesterday I talked about Sidney Powell, the lawyer for the Trump Campaign who went too far with her craziness, revealing that it was indeed possible to go too far in the Trump Campaign organization. I talked about Rush Limbaugh and the strategic Tucker Carlson,…


Tick TOCK: The iPhone 12 Pro Max Max

My new camera has arrived and I bought it in gold. Two years ago I had an iPhone 6s Plus, which I got only by pressing the manager of a local Apple retail store when my version 6 Plus phone died and they were out of stock of that model—Apple…


The Magic Trick

A cropped version of The Magic Trick, Part 1, made in the mid-1990s. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night with a sentence. As I lay there a second sentence will come, then a third. Then I can sort of see the whole thing laid out like…


Trackers Caught Tracking

Apple updated my Safari browser today with a feature that not only blocks trackers--the software from companies that, invisible to you, monitor your activity on the web, following you as you move from site to site--but also tells which sites have which trackers. I tried a few government agencies. I…


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