The Magic Trick

A cropped version of The Magic Trick, Part 1, made in the mid-1990s. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night with a sentence. As I lay there a second sentence will come, then a third. Then I can sort of see the whole thing laid out like I'm on a boat and I'm looking out over the waves. One voice in my head tells me that it will be fine, I'll remember it when I wake. A wiser voice tells me to write it down. Sometimes the iPad is near and I write in bed, sometimes I have to go to the office. And I write in…

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Trackers Caught Tracking

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Apple updated my Safari browser today with a feature that not only blocks trackers--the software from companies that, invisible to you, monitor your activity on the web, following you as you move from site to site--but also tells which sites have which trackers. I tried a few government agencies. I tried a few news sites. I tried both Trump's and Biden's official campaign sites. My god.

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