The Freedom Shirts

We don't like Walmarts in the part of the country where I live. We're all good liberals. Walmart is a small-town-destroying monster, gobbling up family businesses, impoverishing its workers. There are no more little downtowns because of Walmarts, just big-box stores surrounded by chain food stores. Something like that. But…

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The Christmas Lights After Christmas

(This post is a part of a pair of posts on Christmas lights.) Christmas is over but the Christmas lights are still up and a walk around my neighborhood still offers up delightful photographs. For me, the attraction of these isn't the lights so much as the character of Montara…


The Christmas Lights Before Christmas

(This post is a part of a pair of posts on Christmas lights.) I do a poor job here of differentiating between photographs I take which are snapshots, just like everyone else's, and serious photographs, art photographs. Most every photograph on this blog is a snapshot. Once in a while…

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The Owls of Montara Mountain

In March came the virus but also came the owls. Two fuzzy-white great horned owls. At first we thought they were alone in the nest near the ranger's house. I happened to have a camera with me with a powerful zoom and made an image of their faces peering wide-eyed…


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