Albrecht Dürer was a Photographer

(This is part of series looking back at posts I wrote a decade ago. First published on November 4, 2011.)  If Albrecht Dürer were alive today he would be a photographer. I’m sure of it. I’ve been a fan of Durer’s work for many years and have always felt he…


Towers From An Ancient Tropical Sea

This post is from a series of articles chronicling a 2020 cross-country trip with my wife and two daughters and a boyfriend, from California to Ohio (to visit family) and Pennsylvania (to drop off my oldest daughter at grad school), and then back. We spent over five weeks on the road…

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Small Concussions In the Distance

I've driven across the United States dozens of times, usually a round trip every year for the past sixteen years, and before this year I've never had trouble finding things to do. The trips I take take time, usually two weeks from California to Ohio to visit family, then two…


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