My First Camera

Writing these thoughts about how I am teaching my kids photography causes me to pause and ask myself--How did I learn photography? I don’t know if that is a story worth telling but I do want to mention the very first step I took down that path. I was a…


How to Teach Kids Photography, Part Two

In the first installment of this series, I shared a few thoughts on how to teach kids photography--ideas that I tried out with some success with my own daughters. To organize my thoughts in order to share them with you I’ve broken down the lessons I’ve learned so far into…


How to Teach Kids Photography, Part One

Originally published on some long-ago blog of mine on November 9, 2011, updated slightly here. There’s a sort of mythology growing in some quarters that once-upon-a-time cameras required knowledge of the craft of photography to use. That you had to know a little about f-stops and shutter speeds in order…


Photography Since Yesterday

During the early years of the Depression one began to notice, here and there, young men with what appeared to be leather-cased opera glasses slung about their necks. They were the pioneers of the camera craze who had discovered that the Leicas and other tiny German cameras, which took postage-stamp-size…


Tick TOCK: The iPhone 12 Pro Max Max

My new camera has arrived and I bought it in gold. Two years ago I had an iPhone 6s Plus, which I got only by pressing the manager of a local Apple retail store when my version 6 Plus phone died and they were out of stock of that model—Apple…


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