Gear Review: Still Flummoxed by the Peak Design Travel Tripod

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In my review of the Peak Design Travel Tripod I mentioned that I had lost the hanging hook, the cap on the bottom of the center extension pole, the first time I had used it. I had taken the hook off to extract the hidden iPhone holder and when I then went replace the hanging hook I couldn't get it to fit back in. I was in a hurry, and in my rush it was too much to deal with, so I put the hook in my shirt pocket. When I later pulled my reading glasses from that pocket the hook must have fell into the dirt at Badlands National…

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Gear Review: The Peak Design Travel Tripod, A Fiddly Evolution In Camera Support

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Always critical to line up your shot. The first photograph was made with a camera and that camera was probably mounted on a tripod. Tripods—a three-legged stand holding something aloft—predate photography by at least thousands of years. Tripods are depicted in ancient art, as a seat for the Oracle at Delphi, as stands for an animal-like braziers. Tripods appeared in early in human history (and probably in our prehistory) no doubt because of their usefulness. Put three sticks together and the thing doesn’t fall down. It is strong and stable. In wars before the modern age it was common to see three rifles placed together as a tripod. The arrangement…

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Smaller Cameras

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I need a smaller camera. When I was eighteen years old and poor, working for $3.25 at the local mall, I walked into Metzger’s, a camera store in Akron, Ohio. It was a very large store in a very large building—they served all of the big corporate accounts. I was a regular there, that odd kid with the long hair from the poor side of town who was into photography. I bought my film there, I bought my darkroom stuff there, I bought everything there. One day I walked in and the guy I usually talked with—unlike most camera stores all the employees here came across as in-crowd partiers, lots…

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Bigger Cameras

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I need a bigger camera. Growing up my primary camera was a Hasselblad, shooting negatives six by six centimeters. Medium format. Later my primary camera grew to four by five inches, sometimes to eight by ten, making negatives referred to as “sheets” because of their size. Then my camera got bigger. I bought a digital Nikon with a sensor area the same as 35mm film. It did so much. You could shoot in low light, shoot in bright light, you could change contrast and color, crop and and adjust dozens of parameters, all with a slider on the screen, another layer in the photo editing app. Lots of parameters need…

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