Listicle: Top 7 College Photo Textbooks

The Internet loves listicles—articles of the top ten this, the world’s best that. Easy to read and easy to write, they score high in Google’s search rankings because they are easy for the algorithms to parse and the search results are easy for the viewer to scan. Here’s my listicle:…


Things Are More In Focus Now

It's September 2001. The twin towers lay ruined and smoldering in New York City. At the Pentagon there are nightly vigils and there are flowers for the dead. In the small towns of eastern Pennsylvania the only topic of discussion is the plane that fell from the sky. The nation…

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Books On My Desk: Renaissance Etching, Soth, and Wolfe

Ah, books. Such an old technology yet photography books--art photography books--are in something of a golden age. There is a flood of them, too many to even know all of the titles. I buy my share, although they seem far easier to buy than to actually find the mental space…


Books On My Desk: Klett, Parks, and Aufuldish

It's possible to have too many books, especially art books. I've got shelves full of them, piles on the floor crowding the furniture. Every so often I swear I'm going to stop buying art books then I do and then I don't. I do--I'll go a month or two without…


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