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As I said yesterday, I don't have the collecting gene. I don't collect photographs, I don't collect cameras, I don't collect books. I do have a collection of books, I'm just not a collector. That's an important distinction. There's also an important distinction between a collection (a bunch of books,…


Bookcase, black-brown

Billy. Not the goat. I may have mentioned before that I have too many books. Despite selling some over the years and giving away uncounted volumes and so many more boxed in the garage, I still found myself with stacks—many stacks—crowding the floor in the living room of our house.…


Buy My Book

My book, Computational Photography, is now on sale for $49.95—normally $75.95—including Media Mail shipping! If you prefer you can download the high-resolution PDF for six dollars off, only $8.95! I have a book and it's Black Friday. It took me until yesterday for it to occur to me that maybe…


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