Fleeing the Flow

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It could be worse. A few thousand years ago lava splashed and bubbled up out of the ground in what is now Idaho and spread out over six hundred and eighteen square miles. One single lava flow running about thirty miles long.

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Crater Lake Blue

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A chemist, Mas Subramanian, and his grad student at the Oregon State University discovered a new blue pigment, similar to ultramarine but more stable. There are not many blue pigments out there--the last one discovered, Cobalt Blue, was discovered in 1802, although impure forms had been used long before. The name of the new pigment, YInMn Blue, is as ugly as the new blue is beautiful. Crayola's name for its kid-safe version of the new pigment--Bluetiful--causes me to cringe, just a bit. But to see a blue, a preternaturally blue blue, is one of life's special experiences. You can't see it on a screen because screens have limitations. You can't…

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