New Work: The Geyser

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Not only will I write about travel and photography on these pages but from time to time I’ll share my own work.

This is The Geyser, from earlier this year. It is a ten-minute video of the Old Faithful geyser at Yellowstone National Park, shot in 4k on a tripod-mounted iPhone 11 Pro Max.

I made an earlier version of this video a day or two earlier but it was handheld–the idea had come to me and the tripod was in the care, far away. But that footage was unusable–the framing shifted and moved, changing the entire aesthetic sense of the work. I planned to come back later that day to try again but we were delayed elsewhere.

On the last day at our stay at the lodge, on the way out, I was ready, but barely. I was using the Peak Design travel tripod and it was new to me and didn’t have all that muscle memory and thus speed wasn’t there yet. I set it up as fast as I could, struggling, hit record and stepped back. My timing was perfect, exactly as I wanted it, but it was a close thing.

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