Justin Remes On Movies that Don’t Move

We've talked before about furniture films (also called static films). Prof. Justin Remes specializes in this interesting genre of experimental filmmaking and here shares with us his "top ten" list of historically important static films, aimed at introducing readers to the development of films that exist somewhere in the space…


Un-Still Photographs

What is a static film? That's easy. It's a photograph that moves. That is to say, it is a film that is in its heart a photograph, a framed view, pointing the viewer to a moment, framing that moment for the viewer. Only in this case, since as a film…


The Passage

My video, The Passage, although created for personal reasons, can be seen as a metaphor for any or all of the transitions we are experiencing now, whether that transition is political or emotional, on a large social scale or on a smaller private scale. The video was made along the…


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