Another Try at the Serpent Mound

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It's two hours out of the way along small highways, heading directly south of Columbus. Despite growing up in Ohio, and coming back to visit every year, I'd never heard of the town of Peebles. That's not as surprising as it might sound--southern Ohio is a different state than northern Ohio, settled by people coming up from the Ohio River, from the South. I was born and raised in Akron, Ohio, part of the industrial northern part of Ohio, filled with people coming in on the railroads on their way to our factories or headed further west. We are different states in all but law. Our destination is the famed…

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An Ancient Circle In Central Ohio

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It doesn't look like much at first but it is astonishing nonetheless. A rampart of earth, grass-covered with trees here and there rises up before you, a gap in the rampart beckoning you in. And you go in, and it's all flat, mown grass inside, with trees. The earthen rampart continues inside you can now see, you are standing at the edge of a large circle that curves left and right away from you. It's twelve hundred feet to the far side. This is one of the Indian mounds of the Hopewell Culture, the phrase seeming to be the anthropologist's equivalent of "we really have no idea who these people…

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