What to think and feel about Devils Tower

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When I was twelve I saw Close Encounters of the Third Kind in a theater and I was amazed by the spaceships and by the musical tones and light display at the end. I was amazed as well afterwards when I discovered that weird rocky tower where the aliens meet with the humans was a real place. It rises out of the landscape rather suddenly, a nearly thousand foot column of hardened lava so different from the surrounding sandstone. Its origins are uncertain. Like all famous national parks and monuments it is overwhelmed by tourists. There are two trails circling the tower, the inside one paved the outside one along…

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Seventeen Views of Yellowstone

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One family went all out and each of them, dad, mom, and two kids, wore full on industrial painting masks, black rubber face part with two large filter cartridges, looking like something from Word War I. They wore these as they walked the boardwalks around the geyser basins. You could only see their eyes and the parents' eyes looked out wide open, terrified.

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